Saturday, 13 February 2016

Contest Day 1 - Sunday 14th February 2016

Early morning cloud burnt off to allow launching to start soon after 1pm. With AAT tasks set for all pilots, this allowed for possible weather variations and pilots to determine the length of task they completed. The day turned out better than yesterday which allowed a slightly larger area to play in.

Thermals started late, as they do when there is complete cloud cover until about 10.30am, but picked up to a good 4-5 kts in places. The resident convergence set up in the mid afternoon to allow most pilots to complete the task including both PW5s. Unfortunately no data log was obtainable for one PW5 but both started and finished close together.

The day was completed with a tasty BBQ in the evening and everyone went to bed smiling except for the scorer Graham White as his scoring program decided to call it a day and depart for the discarded computer bits and pieces in the rings of Saturn!

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