Monday, 18 February 2013

The future?

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Central Districts Gliding Contest
The Central Districts Contest has been experiencing falling numbers of entrants over recent years. In 2013 we have had only seven competitors reduced to five by unforeseen events. The consequences devalue the contest and create financial pressures on the organising club.
Discussions to date have helped clarify issues and possible solutions.
Pilots enjoy flying from a new site that is surrounded by good land-out areas.
Flying conditions at Waipukurau are usually excellent despite the awful 2011 and 2012.
New pilots enjoy the support of experienced top level pilots who mentor the new competitors.
Cross country skills improve markedly whether the pilot intends to continue competing or just wants to extend their range. For the former, competing at a regional contest is compulsory before entering the Nationals. For the later, the skill level enhancement improves the safety and enjoyment of their personal and instructional flying.
The effort to create a welcoming social environment is appreciated and enjoyed by our regulars.
The facilities for the contest and for campers at Waipukurau are excellent.
There has been a lack of publicity and marketing. Word of mouth and direct approaches are not working.
The cost of modern technology inhibits the use of club gliders and older privately owned gliders.
1          Should we continue as a sanctioned contest? The consensus seemed in favour.
2          Should we move to Taupo or Masterton? The consensus was to stay at Waipukurau.
3          Should we fund-raise for portable GPS units that could be leased/lent to early stage competitors? This needs to be explored.
4          Can our small club continue annually without burn-out from our members? This year there was a huge input from the Waipukurau members. Their local knowledge is invaluable.
a. Retrievals take time and energy but with increased fields the other pilots can provide more assistance
b. We are very dependent on Graham White for weather and task setting. There is no obvious relief.
c. Neil Faulknor has indicated a willingness to adopt the Contest Director role.
d. Tow planes/pilots. We are fortunate that Keith Cammock has made DAL available as a back up towplane. There is no immediate need for more tow pilots as long as we have the support of Manawatu.
This is the key to success and has been neglected. We are fortunate that Trev Terry, who has had considerable experience, is happy to assist with this. It is important that our members learn from him to continue in the future.
There have been no Wellington or Taranaki entries for some years and it is their contest also. Marketing will need to concentrate on them while continuing to encourage other visitors from further afield. Pilots who have completed the Matamata cross country course would benefit from coming to Waipukurau. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2013 Results & photos

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Central Districts Gliding Championships held from Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay

Final overall results:

1.XSGraham White
Hawkes Bay
LS 82956
2.TDTony Van Dyk
Hutt Valley
LS 82619
3.MLTracy Austin
Std. Jantar1930
4.TTTrev TerryTaupoDuo Discus T1859
5.HBJason KellyHawkes BayG 103 Twin III SL889
6.NJJason Price
Hawkes Bay
LS 4741
7.LOIan Sheppard
Mini Nimbus0
A competition told in pictures:
1. Take an airfield

2. Add a weather man, task setter and scorer (Graham White)

3. Add pilots, towpilots and ground crew 

4. Have a briefing

5. Grid the gliders

6. Add the pilots

7. Get in the glider to fly

8. Land out among the local fauna.

9. Have a day off due to the weather (in fact, only two all competition)

10. Declare the winners and award the prizes

Graham White - Open Class & overall winner                       

Tracy Austin - Club Class winner

 Saturday 26th January results

1.TTTrev TerryTaupoDuo Discus T13:45:5715:24:3801:38:4179.2km/h158.3km750
2.XSGraham WhiteHawkes BayLS 813:46:3615:27:2501:40:4976.5km/h153.1km700
3.MLTracy AustinTaupoStd. Jantar14:06:4115:55:0101:48:2064.9km/h129.8km480
4.TDTony Van DykHutt ValleyLS 813:58:3315:24:4301:26:1060.5km/h121.0km396
5.HBJason KellyHawkes BayG 103 Twin III SL13:55:1616:23:4102:28:2558.3km/h144.1km354

Friday 25th January results - non competition day

Thursday 24th January results - non competition day

Wednesday 23rd January results:
Graham White - LS8 - 681 points
Tony van Dyk - LS8 - 647 points
Tracy Austin - Std Jantar - 582 points
Jason Kelly - Grob 103 Twin III SL - 234 points
Trev Terry - Duo Discus T - did not fly
Jason Price - LS4 - did not fly
Ian Sheppard - Mini Nimbus - did not fly

Tuesday 22nd January results:
Tony van Dyk - LS8 - 687 points
Trev Terry - Duo Discus T - 676 points
Graham White - LS8 - 575 points
Jason Kelly - Grob 103 Twin III SL - 280 points
Jason Price - LS4 - 251 points
Tracy Austin - Std Jantar - 244 points
Ian Sheppard - Mini Nimbus - 0 points

Monday 21st January results:
Graham White - LS8 - 1,000 points
Tony van Dyk - LS8 - 889 points
Tracy Austin - Std Jantar - 624 points
Jason Price - LS4 - 490 points
Trev Terry - Duo Discus T - 433 points
Jason Kelly - Grob 103 Twin III SL - 21 points
Ian Sheppard - Mini Nimbus - 0 points

Sunday 20th January results - a flying day but non-competition day