Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Newsletter October 2013

Dear fellow pilot

Welcome to a further update from Gliding Hawkes Bay & Waipukurau as organisers of the Central Districts Championships from Waipukurau Aerodrome from Sunday 09th to Saturday 15th February 2014 inclusive with Saturday 08th available as a practice day.

We have taken the liberty of including two photos taken on Sunday 29th September. One is of a convergence line towards the coast. Best guess is that this stretched around 25km with a base in excess of 5,000ft. Great, easy flying for this early in the season. In February, we often have convergence lines running from north of Napier down to the Wairapapa with the good old land breeze and sea breeze meeting.

The second photo attached was taken in the same flight while returning from Dannevirke to Hastings and shows some of the larger than airfield size areas available in the event of an out landing. From personal experience, when this does happen, in many cases, coffee and cake is offered by the friendly farmer and sometimes, if later in the day, something stronger.

Task setter, Graham White, confirms that tasks will be set to match the weather for all classes from Club Class up to challenging tasks for the Open racing pilots.

Some clubs are intending to bring their two seaters to encourage new pilots and to give them some competition experience. If there is sufficient interest, we will have our self launching two seat Grob 103C III SL ZK-GHB available with experienced instructors for familiarisation flights in the days prior to the contest and for experience flights for others on non-contest days. This Twin Astir is of the improved design with Discus style wings and has great performance while being easy to fly.

To help us with planning, it would be appreciated if clubs and pilots who are interested in coming could advise us of a non-committal interest as soon as possible. Please send an e-mail to with your interest and intended glider type.

We want, subject to mother nature of course, to make this the best and most enjoyable contest of the year so put the dates of this contest (Sunday 09th to Saturday 15th February 2014) on your calendar and plan for a great fun trip to Hawkes Bay this summer.

Further e-mails will be sent closer to the event while further information, including an entry form, will be available at as confirmed.