Thursday, 15 October 2015

October newsletter

15 October 2015

Dear fellow pilot

Spring is well and truly here. Wave, thermals and convergences are appearing Hawkes Bay.

The 2016 Central Districts Championships are to be held from Waipukurau Aerodrome from Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th February 2016 inclusive with Saturday 13th available as a practice day.

It is time to consider planning your participation. If we believe the long term weather forecast, it is going to be a hot, dry summer here in Hawkes Bay. Good thermals and wave should be the norm.

We urge clubs and private owners to seriously consider entering. Ask others who have been to Waipukurau in the past - it is a good fun contest in an area with plenty of options of large, safe paddocks in the unlikely event of a land out. A number of quality daily prizes are being put together. If you have no crew, that is no problem - others will help as required.

The airfield at Waipukurau has been booked and we already have some committed entries. The contest director will be Neil Faulknor with weatherman, task setter and scorer Graham White. This is Graham’s home area and he understands the soaring options well. Tasks will be set to take into account both the newer cross country pilots and the guns.

If you want to experience the area beforehand, it may be possible for an experienced instructor to fly with you in one of our club two seaters or to accompany you in a single seater on the weekends before the contest. Feel free to discuss the options with our club.

Club members - if you want to experience a fun contest, motivate your club to bring a two seater along with members and an instructor. It is well worth your while.

As usual, to help plan towplanes, early advice of entry is much appreciated. Plus, you save $40 on the entry fee if you enter and pay on or prior to 10th January 2016. An entry form is attached and also available on the club web site

There are plenty of accommodation choices to suit every pocket from camping on the aerodrome itself to cabins at local camping grounds, motels and hotels etc. Being only 30 minutes from Hastings, there are plenty of options for after hours activities for all, including the other half.

Further information is available at and this will be updated as time progresses.

So, put the dates of this contest (Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th February 2016 inclusive with Saturday 13th available as a practice day) on your calendar and plan for a great fun trip to Hawkes Bay this summer.

We need support from all clubs to help revitalise the sport. Please pass this on to all your members.