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Information on Centralines 2015 Central Districts Gliding Championships

11 February 2015

Centralines 2015 Central Districts Gliding Championships
Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st February 2015 inclusive with Saturday 14th available as a practice day

Welcome to all.

We thank our sponsors and recommend them to you.

Check in and daily briefings will be held in the club rooms on the aerodrome at Waipukurau (there is a map to the airfield on our club web site at http://www.glidinghbw.co.nz/contact-us.html)

The draft programme is as follows:

1. 10:30am Saturday 14th February - check in and initial briefing starting at 10:30am. All entrants will be required to fully complete and sign an entry form if they have not already done so.

2. Saturday 14th February – practice day - a decision on setting a task will be made on the day
Sunday 15th through to Saturday 21st inclusive - contest days

3. 10:30am daily briefing – everyday Sunday through Saturday inclusive unless otherwise advised.

4. Planned Meals:
a. Sunday evening – our Club is running a BBQ
b. Wednesday evening – our Club is running a BBQ
c. Friday evening - at a location yet to be confirmed
Numbers will be requested and costs confirmed closer to each planned meal.

5. Further information will be given at the briefings each morning.

6. For those that wish to have a filled roll or other items from a local bakery, orders can be taken at briefing

7. Tow fees, meal costs and any outstanding entry fees will be invoiced at the completion of the contest for prompt payment. Actual tow costs will be charged based on the costs incurred.

Enjoy your time in Hawkes Bay and further afield. Keep the weather gods happy by having some refreshment for them each evening at the friendly aeroclub bar.

Competition Information

1. Grid lines will be allocated for Sunday and then rotated every flying day for fairness. First to arrive in each line are to grid on the far side of the runway so the next glider can go alongside.

2. Contest Director is Neil Faulknor - 027-496-6372. Text landout co-ordinates to this number if possible.

3. The Gliding Hawkes Bay & Waipukurau Club contact phone is 027-288-7522.

4. Aerodrome phone number is 06 858-8226. Note this is not always manned.

5. Within 5km of the airfield all traffic will use 119.1
                            a. Outside this range use 133.55
                            b. In Napier Control call 124.8
                            c. In Hastings CFZ use 125.8
                            d. In upper Airspace call Ohakea on 126.2
                            e. In the Dannevirke/Gorge Airspace call Ohakea 125.1
                            f. Transponders are mandatory in Napier and Ohakea Airspace
Refer to current airways maps for required frequencies and airspace requirements. These will also be covered in the briefings.

6. All thermalling within 5kms of the airfield will be left hand. Outside this normal thermal rules apply; first into thermal dictates the direction.

7. Starts are to be given out on 133.55 within 15 minutes of starting.

8. Ops Normal calls on 133.55 hourly or on request in format “YP, Leg Two, ops Normal

9. Do not taxi or use a motor in rigging or tie down areas.

10. Pilots without a personal crew must have a vehicle attached to their trailer and keys identified and available on the designated board.

11. Cloud flying is prohibited.

12. GPS tracks from a height recording GPS are the only acceptable soaring mechanism. More than one unit may be accepted at the discretion of the Contest Director.  GPS units shall be handed in as soon as possible on return to the airfield.

13. Pilots shall announce distance and direction of finish @ 5NM and @ 2NM on 119.1.

14. Pilots may land straight in as far left as practical or fly through (High Energy). High Energy finishes must be notified on 119.1. The minimum altitude for a High Energy finish is 100ft AGL.

15. Waipukurau Aerodrome is 430ft ASL, radio for circuits 119.1. All circuits (both left hand [runway 02] and right hand [runway 20]) are to the west of the aerodrome away from the town.

16. Because of poor mobile coverage, pilots should try to radio the planned out-landing site co-ordinates in degrees, minutes and decimal minutes.

17. Pilots shall complete and hand in land out sheets to include land out co-ordinates and landowner’s name, address and phone number.

18. All distances are to be given in miles.

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