Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday 20th February 2015

Yes! four competition days in a row which wasn't the long term forecast for the week. An earlier start was had as sea breezes were forecast for later in the day. Thermals to 5,000ft to start then up to 6,000ft in the higher country to the west had everyone out on track early and around the top turn before the sea breeze effect had arrived there. The sky looked good as far as one could see in any direction so maybe a longer task may have been possible but would have made it hard at the end as the sea breeze convergence moved well inland. Some pilots ran down the ranges again towards the southern turn where the choice was back up the middle of the plains or deviate to the convergence in the east. As it turned out, the convergence was the better choice although not by a huge margin. Most pilots were on final glide from the second to last turn but the easterly and sinking air on the other side of the convergence was there to catch out the unwary. A group dinner out together in the evening, held today as most pilots depart after flying tomorrow, was a great way to round off a very pleasant day.

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