Monday, 15 February 2016

Contest Day 3 - Tuesday 16th February 2016

Again morning high cloud burnt off and the weather played ball to provide another good soaring day. Three pilots shared a paddock at the northern turn point while most other pilots completed the task. The task setter experimented with the task minimum time by setting it at one hour but didn't achieve what he'd hoped which was for pilots to ignore the minimum time and use the conditions available to fly as far as possible around the designated task area. Thermals of up to 10kts and to over 6,000ft were reported with a southern convergence aiding pilots in that part of the task.

Both PW5’s completed their task and obtained a data log. The scorekeeper will  post the results to Soaring Spot when possible but has been frustrated by it telling him he has an outdated version of SeeYou despite it only being downloaded two days ago and no new updates being available.

The Open class scores are available at 

Some pilot’s flights cans also be seen on the OLC at

Some photos taken by Trev Terry are below. 

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