Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Day Three – Tuesday 11th February

With the rain having ceased and the sun appearing, the airfield was alive with gliders being rigged out of trailers and pilots with smiles on their faces. This, combined with one of the competition sponsors, SBS Bank, arriving with flags and prizes, morning briefing was delayed a little. Once briefing was underway, met man Graham White suggested the forecast may dampen spirits. While some thermals were forecast, so was high cloud and overdevelopment. Conditions were predicted to be untaskable but flyable so a free flying day was declared. The sky was soon filled with gliders with all pilots flying. The sky cycled with some areas working well, then poorly, then reasonably then well again. Good climbs were found in places, as were areas of heavy sink, with cloudbase topping at less than 4,000ft. All gliders returned to the airfield and while conditions exceeded those forecast, the “no task” task was a good call for the day.

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