Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday 21st February 2015

We waited on the ground but unfortunately the conditions prevented setting a task. However, most pilots had a flight in the local area. There was a westerly with large areas of overdevelopment and a limited soarable area. This was a pity because thermals in the area were 6-800ft/min to 6,000ft for two hours or so. Some pilots found limited wave west of the field with convergence in the east for 20km or so. Later in the afternoon rain showers pushed through with the front with a late clearance and a temperature still around 25°C.

After what turned out to be a great week of flying with at least local flying possible every day, the Keith Cammock and Craig Hunter combination won the PW5 contest, Ross Taylor was the top club class pilot and Graham White retained the Open/Standard class titles. Daily open class tasks and scores are on Soaring Spot at

With thermals every day and well set tasks resulting in only three landouts all competition over all classes, this shows the great flying conditions available in Hawkes Bay. In the unlikely event of a landout being required, there are many large fields available as safe landing areas.

Thanks to contest director Neil Faulknor, weatherman, task setter and scorer Graham White, tow pilots and all the helpers. Thanks also to our sponsors Centralines and New World Waipukurau. A great thank you is also due to Margaret Keir, the master chef, who spoiled all present with two fantastic steak meals which were much appreciated by all who attended . We hope to see more pilots and hanger ons for next years event. At prize giving, Tony van Dyk challenged all those present to bring at least one extra person next year whether they be a pilot or volunteer to help on the ground. Other Central Districts gliding clubs are also asked to help support the running of their local event.

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